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The Network of Recordᵀᴹ

The Network of Recordᵀᴹ
The Network of Record is, quite simply, the freshest, most comprehensive, most accurate source of U.S. business data. It tracks, aggregates, and shares hundreds of types of business attributes—we call them signals—in categories like firmographics, technographics, financials, intent, social engagement, and many more, and includes direct contact signals, as well. Read on to learn how The Network is built and how it powers all of Radius' products and services.

How The Network of Record Is Built

Radius aggregates foundational data from multiple sources, including trusted partners, the web, and public records, and we layer it together with data from our customer network—ranging from SMBs to the Fortune 1000—to form The Network of Record. Here's how that happens.

Initial Sync

When a customer implements Radius, they securely sync their Salesforce CRM, giving Radius a view into the data points that make up those records. During this initial sync, Radius anonymizes and aggregates this CRM data, removing all information that identifies its source.

The Customer Network

To validate a new data point coming from the customer network, Radius compares it with The Network's foundational data. If a match is found, that data point is aggregated into The Network. If no match is found, the data point must be validated by at least two other data sources before it becomes part of The Network of Record. The customer network plays a crucial role in validating the accuracy of data points, especially those that can be corroborated based on outcomes from anonymized sales and marketing activities, such as sales tasks and email delivery information for marketing campaigns.

Radius aggregates every data point—from foundational data or the customer network—at both the business and the contact level to enable multiple points of validation. All of these aggregated data points are processed through multiple large-scale machine learning models to make sure that only the data points of highest quality are surfaced in The Network. As a part of this process, Radius also identifies hundreds of thousands of potentially closed or less trustworthy businesses, stale contacts, and invalid emails and phones, either purging this data from The Network or reporting it so customers can take action.  

Any data point that can't be validated by these means does not become part of The Network of Record. The data point is stored, however, and may be used to validate other data points from other sources in the future.

Incremental Syncs

Radius performs regular incremental syncs with all integrated CRM and MAT systems of record. These syncs anonymize, normalize, and match hundreds of thousands of new business and contact records every 30 minutes, and they identify and analyze changes to existing records, as well. During an incremental sync, if any data point not currently part of The Network is validated by matching to foundational or anonymized customer network data, that data point crosses the accuracy threshold and becomes part of The Network of Record.

Regular Rebuilds

Data changes. Rapidly. So The Network of Record is fully rebuilt to validate and update every single data point—both new and existing, from foundational data and the customer network—every two weeks. And it's always on: Radius customers have access to all Network data at all times.

Unlike data gathered and validated traditionally, by phone, The Network's living data has been proven time and again to be the freshest and most accurate available. With average accuracy at 90-95% for key signals, The Network's data quality consistently exceeds industry standards.

The Network of Record and Radius Products and Services

The Network of Record powers all of Radius' products and services, including the Radius Revenue Platform, Radius Prospector, Radius Advertiser, and Radius Connect for Salesforce.

With its data breadth and quality, The Network helps marketers identify the right markets, audiences, and buyers across many channels, driving greater campaign performance and revenue generation. It enables sales professionals with accurate, comprehensive, current data on accounts and contacts to turn prospects into pipeline. The Network's comprehensive, CRM- and MAT-integrated data source empowers revenue ops leaders with a strong data foundation to improve go-to-market planning and optimize resource allocations. Data and analytics professionals benefit from The Network's single source of truth and its ability to validate their first- and third-party data across multiple systems.   

Network of Record Data Security and Privacy

Every data point surfaced in The Network of Record has multiple, independent sources.

Radius never surfaces any information from The Network of Record that is unique or proprietary to any data source. This means that a data point that's present in only one customer’s system of record will never be made available to anyone else.

Further, Radius adheres to the industry’s most stringent data security controls and has been independently audited by third party firms. Radius has passed every security review including those of companies in the most regulated industries, such as Healthcare, Insurance, and Finance. For complete details on the security of the Radius Revenue Platform and the systems we integrate with, see Radius Security.

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