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Radius Insights lets you analyze the businesses in your CRM and understand how your organization has historically performed across multiple signals.

When you first view insights, you’ll see your historical success rate for four standard signals: Location, Industry, Number of Employees, and Annual Revenue. Insights also surfaces the top 10 signals where your CRM has the most Open, Won, and Lost records. From the tables, select and apply signals to see their specific success rates, then compare that result with your overall historical success. If you use custom signals, you’ll see them in Insights, as well. Insights are based on the currently selected goal. If you switch your goal, your insights change.

Here's how to explore insights.

  1. Click the Insights tab.
  2. (Optional) From the top menu, filter the signals you see according to your market.
  3. View historical success from the current signals.
  4. (Optional) Model a segment by checking boxes next to individual segments. Click Apply to view changes to your historical success for the selected signals. 

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