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Targeting With Radius

Targeting With Radius
Build a targeted segment using signals from our B2B data source, powered by The Network of Record™, or let Radius recommend segments for you based on criteria you select.  Then, send segment records straight to your CRM, MAT, or digital ad platform and start executing campaigns.

Get more leads by discovering net-new prospects from Radius that look like your best customers. Or, use signals in The Network of Recordᵀᴹ to find new markets and uncover the promising prospects already in you CRM. After you've built or received segments, you can deploy records from that segment directly to your CRM, marketing automation tool, or digital ad platform. If you run omnichannel campaigns, you can deploy those same records to multiple systems and track your performance across every channel.

You can even schedule recurring deployments to give your sales and marketing teams a steady flow of leads from Radius.