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Research Nearby Businesses from Salesforce Records

If you're in field sales and heading out to visit a customer or prospect, you might want to research, reach out to, or visit other businesses in the same geographical area. It's easy to find those prospects with Radius Connect—right from your Salesforce CRM records.
  1. Open the record of an account, contact, lead, or opportunity whose nearby businesses you want to research. Or just start from any CRM record where Radius Connect is available and click Change Business to find the business you want—even businesses that don't yet have account records.

  2.  Click any business on the nearby prospects card to see business address, contact information, and other data.

  3. Want contacts for that nearby business? Want to find its nearby businesses? Just click Change Business and enter the business's name.

    Important: If you want to add a contact for a company, make sure you start from either that company's account record or the record of a contact at that company. If you click Change Business in Connect to find a different company to add its contacts, but that company doesn't yet have an account record in Salesforce, any contact you add will be associated with the account record that's currently open and not the company you searched for in Connect. For complete details on adding contacts, check out Find Company Contacts From Radius Connect and Add Them to Salesforce.

  4. Click the external links to check out the business' website or visit them on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and more.

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