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Prospect List

Prospect List
Get more qualified leads by targeting net-new look-alike prospects from Radius and uncovering promising account and lead records already in your CRM or MAT.

Prospect list building is a crucial part of the outbound sales process. First you need to define you ideal customer profile (ICP), then you need to actually find the right business to reach out. Our software helps your best prospects by identify patterns in your greatest customer successes give you insight into your best prospects and customers. We want to set your team up for success.

How It Works 

MarketSegmentBanner.pngRadius lets you build a prospect list by defining a market segment. You'll do this by selecting contact and business signals that describe attributes about businesses you're trying to sell to.

We'll tell you your historical success rate with similar audiences and show you how many records currently in your CRM, as well as net-new records from Radius. This way, you can identify the companies your campaigns are converting and focus on prospects that follow those trends.

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