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Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting
Find new prospects for outbound calls and emails to create opportunities for organization. Radius helps you easily find companies and contacts when and where you need it.

Radius helps with inside sales by giving your team access to accurate, verified B2B data to qualified prospects. Some teams choose to build prospect lists in the Radius application and deploy them to Salesforce. Others use Radius Connect so sales reps find and qualify their own sales-ready prospects. Choose what is right for your team.

How it Works

Depending on how Radius Connect is set up, you can use it from account, contact, and lead records. Based on your Salesforce experience, here's where you'll find Radius Connect.

  • In Salesforce Classic, find Connect on record pages.
  • In Salesforce Lightning, open a record and click the Details tab.
  • On Salesforce1, find Connect on a record's Related tab. 



Troubleshoot Radius Connect


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