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September 2017 Radius Release Notes

The September 2017 Radius release brings you Radius Scoring for Salesforce accounts, lead assignment for Salesforce, a new business signal, and deployment queuing. And there's more! Read on...

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

Radius Scoring for Salesforce: Account Scoring

Radius Scoring for Salesforce just got an upgrade that makes your sales team more effective. Now, you can set up Radius scoring to start prioritizing accounts and leads in Salesforce.

Set up Radius Scoring for Salesforce

Salesforce Deployment: Route Leads to Owners with Assignment Rules

With this release, you can use Salesforce assignment rules to assign leads to owners when deploying records to Salesforce.

First, make sure you have an active lead assignment rule set up in Salesforce that determines who owns which leads. If you don't yet use assignment rules, check out Salesforce's assignment rules documentation.

Once you have an active lead assignment rule, you can use it to assign leads to owners when deploying to Salesforce. Just follow the deployment wizard and check Use my active Salesforce lead assignment rule.

Deploy Records to Salesforce

New signal: Business Has High Direct Mail Reachability

Optimize your direct mail campaigns with the new Business Has High Direct Mail Reachability signal. Target businesses that Radius has identified as having a high-quality mailing address and improve the deliverability and performance of your direct mail campaigns. Look for the signal in the Business signal group under Reachability.


Deployment Queuing

You’ve asked and we’ve delivered. Now you can kick off new deployments even when a current deployment is processing. Your deployments are processed one at a time, in order.

Radius Scoring Lift Improvements

We’ve added new financial signals and improved our scoring models so you can see improved lift for your top predicted leads when targeting SMBs.

More Help for Selecting Signals and Building Segments

One of our most useful Help Center resources is the Radius Signal and Segment Reference, which guides you in selecting the right signals when you build segments. With this release, we've expanded our explanations of signal behaviors and interactions, and added more examples. Want a deep dive on signal selection logic? Check out How Signal Selection and Filtering Work, also updated and... simplified!

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