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September 2016 Radius Release Notes

The September 2016 Radius release features our Eloqua(TM) integration---available in beta. Read on!

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

Eloqua-Radius Integration 

Integrate Radius with Eloqua to uncover deeper insights, perform powerful segmentation, and prioritize existing prospects.

Who can use this feature? 

Integrating Eloqua with Radius gives you a holistic view into your marketing database so you can uncover your best segments of Eloqua prospects, add new prospects from Radius directly to Eloqua lists, and identify existing prospects within Eloqua that are most likely to convert based on Radius Business GraphSM signals.

You can even prioritize prospects with Radius scoring. Radius scores Eloqua prospects based on their likelihood to convert to a desired outcome (such as SQL or Closed Won) and sends the scores to a custom field in Eloqua so you can prioritize the best leads for Sales while nurturing other prospects. 

If you’re looking to expand your reach and campaign effectiveness, you can deploy new prospects from the target segment to a Facebook Custom Audience or a CSV file for use in other advertising platforms.

Considerations for Integrating Eloqua

If you plan on using Radius scoring, you need to create two custom fields on the Contact object in Eloqua. You’ll want to create one for Radius score (numeric) and one for Radius grade (text).

Eloqua-Radius Integration Documentation

For complete details on integrating Eloqua with Radius, check out the Eloqua documentation


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