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May 2018 Radius Release Notes

What's new? A lot! We've got an exciting company announcement and some key enhancements this month. Read on for details...

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

Radius and Leadspace Come Together Under the Radius Brand

Radius and Leadspace, the two leaders in data intelligence for B2B sales and marketing, are joining forces under the Radius brand. With more than 200 marquee customers, including American Express, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, and MetLife, this team up positions Radius as the clear leader in Data Intelligence, helping top B2B brands find and reach buyers globally.

Learn More About the Merger

To learn more about what this merger means for you, check out the official announcement and FAQ and read the blog post from Radius Founder and Executive Chairman, Darian Shirazi.

Radius and Leadspace Join Forces

Radius / Leadspace FAQ

RADIUS BLOG: Why Radius-Leadspace Merger is a Major Win for Our Customers, Business, and Market

And if you haven't yet registered for our webinar, go to the Radius website and do that now. Darian Shirazi and Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher (now Radius CEO) will discuss the merger benefits and take your questions.

WEBINAR: Why Radius + Leadspace Marks Big Win for Customers & Market

Your Radius Customer Success manager will be reaching out to welcome you to the new Radius and talk about what the merger means for you and your company. If you have specific questions before your call, you can also send email to

Prioritized Market Segment Lead Deployments

Customers who use Radius Scoring and want to deploy only New leads from a market segment to Salesforce can get prioritized lead deployments. To enable it, just ask your Radius Customer Success Manager or email

Use this feature to tune your deployment to balance the number of leads you get from Radius with the predicted lift you want. Generally, the higher the predicted lift, the fewer New records you'll get, but the higher their quality. For example, you might have 5000 New records available to deploy, but need a predicted lift of 3X. To get the 3X lift, you might need to reduce the New record count from 5000 to 1900.


Deploy a Market Segment to Salesforce

Lift and Gain

Credibility Signals Now Available to All Radius Advertiser Customers

We've turned on the Radius Credibility signals, Radius Rating and Time in Business, for all Radius Advertiser customers, so they can now be used for building market segments. To learn all about Credibility and other Radius signals, check out our signals reference.

Radius Signals Reference

Increased User Authentication Security

We've upgraded the Radius app's SSL user authentication protocol from 256-bit certificates to stronger 2048-bit certificates. Authentication ensures that users know they are connecting to Radius, and that any data transmitted to or from Radius is encrypted and protected.

Radius Security

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