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May 2017 Radius Release Notes

With the May 2017 Radius release, you get our new Salesforce Pardot integration and this here new Help Center. We also have two key enhancements: recently added signals now available for Insights, and an omnichannel ads enhancement.

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

Salesforce Pardot Integration

Using Pardot for marketing automation? Then maximize your marketing activity by connecting Pardot with Radius. Our integration lets you deploy new Radius prospects directly to a Pardot List, score prospects that you already have, and send better segments of prospects to Sales.

Integrate Pardot

Radius Help Center

You’re here! Welcome to the new Radius Help Center. Find rich content that identifies all our B2B marketing solutions, presents key use cases, and explains how to make it all happen—using Radius!

You’ll find a Help Center link at the bottom of every page within the app. Or just punch it up on your browser: There’s no login required for Radius help articles.

We’d also love your feedback. A thumbs up, thumbs down, or email to will do it.


Here are the enhancements we have for you this month.

Insights Enhancement

In April, Radius added several new signals for building segments. With the May release, we’ve added three of those new signals—Time In Business, Radius Rating, and Alexa Rank—to Insights. Apply them for deeper understanding when you analyze your historical success, explore your ideal customer profile, or refine your targeting strategy for campaigns.

Radius Signals Reference

Omnichannel Ads Enhancement

Increase reach and conversions by sending the same records to all your ad platforms. For example, you can deploy the same records to both Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads and provide personalized and consistent messaging across all channels for your omnichannel campaigns.

Omnichannel Marketing

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