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June 2018 Radius Release Notes

What's new? A lot! We've got an exciting company announcement and some key enhancements this month. Read on for details...

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

What’s new?

This month, we're delivering lots more contacts, plus Job Title Search, a highly requested enhancement for audience building. What else? Hover help for key signals. Read on for details...

Build Better Audiences With More Contacts

This month, Radius delivers more, better contacts... especially for enterprise decision-makers at manager level and above. Across The Network of Record, there's a 5.2% increase in contacts at manager level and above. And for enterprise contacts we have...

  • 30.3% more contacts at manager level and above.
  • 11% more emails.
  • 21% more direct phones.

This increase in numbers also delivers a boost in data quality because more records with richer data provide more points of validation.

Search for Contacts "Freestyle" with Job Title Search

Job titles can vary widely across different industries, within the same industry, and even within large organizations. For example, the person responsible for health and environmental safety at a hospital might be called "Director of HSE" while the person responsible for health and environmental safety at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility might be called "Director, Environment, Health, and Safety".

When building market segments, you can use the new Job Title signal to enter multiple free-form keywords, such as synonyms for the same function. Your segment will return contacts whose titles match what you enter.

So that segmenting makes sense, we've also renamed the signal formerly known as "Title" to the more specific "Level and Function". Level signals still include the designations Director, VP, Owner, and the like. And Function signals still include groups like Sales, Engineering, Quality, Operations, Legal, and so on.

For best success when building market segments with Job Title, combine the Job Title keywords you're searching for with other signals, such as Level and Function and Reachability. And soon, if you use Radius for ABM, you'll be able to filter your company list by Job Title keywords.


Hover Help for Key Signals

Radius maintains our exhaustive Signals Reference right her on the Help Center, with definitions, use cases, best practices, and examples. Now, we've made it easier to get to that information while you're using the app to build market segments. We've started with a set of key signals we frequently advise customers on: Chain, Intent, Radius Rating, and Product Technologies.

And to make it easier to learn all about our new and updated signals, Level and Function and Job Title, you'll find hover help for those, as well. To use it, just hover over the question mark next to the signal. Click Learn More to go directly to the Radius Signals Reference.


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