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July 2018 Radius Release Notes

What's new? A better matching system! Read on for details...

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

July delivers key data intelligence enhancements thanks to our new record matching engine. Read on for details...

New Matching System Delivers More Efficient Matching and More Accurate Data

Radius has a new record matching system that standardizes customer data, compares and matches records more efficiently, and delivers greater data accuracy for companies in The Network of RecordTM. The new system also paves the way for future improvements to matching for locations and contacts.

Here are some important considerations to be aware of.

  • Initial syncs and all full syncs that are required for re-processing (such as when a goal is changed) will use the new matching system.
  • During incremental syncs, which happen every 30 minutes, the new matching system will process only newly added or updated records from customers' integrated CRM and MAT systems.
  • Customers don't need to do anything to enable or administer the new matching system, and the new system does not include any related changes to the Radius application user experience.

We're rolling out the new system in phases so we can make sure all customers understand the changes and can receive appropriate support. If you have any questions about timing or impact, please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager.

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