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July 2017 Radius Release Notes

The July 2017 Radius release brings you Recommended Segments and Radius Connect enhancements and two new features: Data Append and Lead Scoring for Salesforce. And there's more! Read on...

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

Recommended Segments Enhancements

Radius Recommended Segments learns from your CRM and sends you sets of your best segments. The current enhancements include a more robust predictive model and a user experience that makes it faster and easier to start a recommended segment search. You can select business signals, including territories and verticals, and tell us how you want to contact your prospects. We also let you set a minimum number of records you want per segment.

Get recommended segments from Radius

Radius Connect Enhancements

Using Radius Connect, our sales prospecting tool for Salesforce, you can now view, search, and filter contact data, including emails, for businesses right from account, contact, lead, and opportunity records. We’ve also enhanced the Connect setup experience. Find Radius Connect on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Install and set up Radius Connect

Research prospects with Radius Connect

New Feature: Data Append

Radius can now automatically append contact and firmographic data to net-new records from Radius and to your existing and future Salesforce records. If you’re using Deployment Profiles, work with your CSM to transition to Data Append.

Set up Data Append

Lead Scoring for Salesforce

Set up Radius scoring to prioritize your leads in Salesforce. After you configure the feature, we’ll automatically send scores for Open matched lead records to Salesforce.

Set up lead scoring for Salesforce

Enhanced Segment Builder

Radius now offers a new and more intuitive segment building flow. If you use Recommended Segments, when you click New Segment, you’ll get two options: get recommended segments or build your own segment. Select the one you want.

If you don’t use Recommended Segments, you’ll start off in the new segment builder experience. Name your segment, select a contact method if you want to, and then select other contact and business signals. Review and save your segment, then find it on the Segments dashboard where you can deploy as usual. If you’d like to learn more about Recommended Segments, please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email

Build a segment

Become an expert on Radius signals and segment best practices

New Annual Revenue and Number of Employees Signals

You’ve asked for a more granular set of ranges for the Radius Annual Revenue and Number of Employees signals. Here they are. Use them to build more precise and targeted segments.

New Revenue signal ranges: Less than $250K, $250K to $500K, $1 to $5 billion, $5 to $10 billion, Over $10 billion

New Employees signal ranges: 1,000 to 4,999, 5,000 to 9,999, Over 10,000

New Typeface: Aktiv Grotesk

The Radius app has a new typeface! For the typography fans among our customers, here are a few words from our Chief Creative Officer, Jordan Gadapee.

"In an age of animations and gradients, typography, the longest standing tenet of design, is often forgotten. But the Radius Design Team considers sound typography paramount for success. Selecting a typeface to work across a wide array of jobs, from marketing collateral to our product’s user interface, is not a task for mortals. It requires hours of research, experimentation, and testing. It's also a job that’s often greeted by failure and tears. Still, outside of color, no single design element can solidify an identity, build brand equity, and aid users like typography can. Despite its immense impact, typography is often invisible when doing its job well. If the Design Team has likewise done its job well, it is unlikely that the change will be noticed. But, make no mistake the font is different. And better.

Dalton Maag's Aktiv Grotesk—which you’re reading right now—is perfect for Radius. It is a typeface that works well across a maze of tables and rows. In small sizes in the Radius app, it is sharp and distinct and easy to read. Writ large, in sizes spanning several feet across a Dreamforce booth, it is confident and assertive. For the non-designer types, it is easy to work with because of its loose similarity to the classic Helvetica. Our Design and Development teams strive to make using the Radius Revenue Platform a pleasant experience, and Aktiv Grotesk delivers by being more readable, more versatile, and more familiar. Over the next few years, Aktiv Grotesk will be our primary aide in providing a durable visual form to our language. We hope you enjoy the update, but don't notice it."


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