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February 2018 Radius Release Notes

This month, we're announcing Radius Prospector! Read on for details. We also have major enhancements to Radius Connect. Using Radius for ABM? You can now deploy to CSV.

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

Radius Prospector is Here!

Tailored to Sales and Sales Ops leaders, Radius Prospector includes many of the most powerful Radius Revenue Platform features, plus Radius Connect. In Radius, build market segments to fuel your pipeline with qualified net-new prospects and deploy them directly to Salesforce.


Within Salesforce, you can use Radius Connect to view, search, and filter business and contact data and add leads and contacts. They can also append and refresh key contact fields—Email, Phone, Job Title, and LinkedIn Profile URL—with data from The Network of Record™.


Add-ons for Prospector include Data Append and Lead Scoring. With Data Append, you can opt to automatically append data every time you deploy net-new CRM records from Radius. Records you already have in Salesforce will get a one-time append, and future records you create yourself own will be appended throughout the day as your Salesforce syncs with Radius.

With Lead Scoring, score net-new leads and Open leads that Radius has matched to.

Please reach out to your Radius Customer Success manager for details on Radius Prospector.

Set Up Radius Prospector

Radius Connect: Contacts in Context, and Now Append and Refresh

With Radius Connect version 3.1, we've simplified and enhanced the user experience for contacts in Radius Connect. In Salesforce, from a contact record in Salesforce, sales professionals can now view details on the related account and go directly to its record. They can also append and refresh key contact fields: Email, Phone, Job Title, and LinkedIn Profile URL.


Please reach out to your Radius Customer Success manager for more information about Radius Connect.

Learn More About Radius Connect

Now Deploy ABM Company Lists to CSV

With this release, ABM marketers who need to perform additional analysis or export to CRM systems other than Salesforce can deploy company lists to CSV.  


Learn More About Using Radius for ABM

Deploy Records From a Company List to CSV

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