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December 2017 Radius Release Notes

This month, Radius delivers on account-based marketing. Targeted account selection joins our data enrichment features and services to give you the accounts and contacts you need.

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

What’s new?

The December 2017 Radius release brings you…

ABM Account Selection

The Radius Revenue Platform is an integral part of your ABM initiative. With Data Stewardship, analyze and eliminate duplicates and refresh stale data. With Data Append, fill in blank account, contact, and lead fields with firmographic and contact data from The Network of RecordTM.

Now, as part of our dedicated ABM solution, we're delivering highly targeted account selection and deployment. Start small by searching for companies by name. Or go big and build a company list based on your ICP using the firmographic, technographic, and intent signals that best represent your target enterprise customers. While you're at it, source key decision-maker contacts. When you're done, deploy the entire list or a filtered subset of account and contact records to Salesforce or a CSV file. Develop and deliver your ABM content and experiences and watch great results roll in.

Please reach out to your Radius Customer Success manager for details on using Radius for ABM.

Use Radius Data Stewardship services if you need to get your data in shape

Append your Salesforce records with Radius data

Build an ABM company list

Segment an ABM company list

Deploy records from your company list to Salesforce or CSV


Radius Security Updates and Related Browser Requirements

From product architecture to data management, Radius adheres to the industry’s most comprehensive and rigorous security controls. Our latest security certification requires TLS 1.2 protocol for web connections and yourbrow 

SOC2 Type II Security Certification

In November, as a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR), we attained SOC2 Type II certification. These achievements are your assurance that your data is secure with Radius.

New Browser Web Connection and Browser Security Requirements

Related to our SOC2 Type II security certification, effective January 8, 2018, Radius will require TLS 1.2 for web connections and will not accept connections using prior versions of TLS. TLS 1.2 is the web security protocol recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

TLS 1.2 is supported by all modern browsers.

Check Your Browser's Protocol Support

1. Go to the SSL Labs page SSL/TSL Capabilities of Your Browser.

2. Scroll to the Protocol Features section and verify that the value for TLS 1.2 is Yes. If the value is No, please update your browser and test again.

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