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April 2018 Radius Release Notes

Radius has a lot, lot, lot to offer for April! Read on for details...

Change Log



April 4, 2018

Updated the Google AdWords Integration to be Sunset section to include more detail about transitioning to Radius Advertiser.

A Note on Feature Access

Features and enhancements are available based on your Radius contract. Please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email for feature access and guidance on getting started.

RadiusAdvertiserMarqueeScreen.pngRadius Advertiser is GA! 

Through an exclusive partnership with LiveRamp and powered by The Network of Recordᵀᴹ, Radius Advertiser lets marketers target business buyers on digital channels, ad networks, and more, to achieve omnichannel B2B digital targeting and reach at B2C scale. Build market segments in Radius to target with precision, then deploy records to one or more of over 500 LiveRamp destinations. Based on your Radius Advertiser purchase, you can integrate Salesforce with Radius, or not. If you don't integrate Salesforce with Radius, you can deploy New records from Radius. If you do integrate, you can also deploy Open, Won, and Lost records already in your Salesforce.  

Learn All About Radius Advertiser

Enhanced Scoring for Salesforce Leads

We've delivered a major enhancement to our lead scoring model! Now Radius can analyze Salesforce lead record data together with hundreds of signals from The Network of Record to score your leads more effectively. Radius scores only matched records: we score Open records every time your Salesforce syncs with Radius, and we score New records when you deploy them to Salesforce. (Once New Radius records are deployed to Salesforce, they are considered to be matched, and during the next incremental sync between your Salesforce and Radius, they are categorized as Open, Won, or Lost based on your selected goal.)

To get updated scores for Open records, from the Radius Scoring page, click Save and Sync. Note that if your Salesforce has a large number of leads, the scoring sync may take up to several hours.

For full details, check out Set Up Radius Scoring for Salesforce.

100K More Companies Available for ABM

Radius has made 100 thousand more unique mid-market companies available. This boost can significantly increase the value you'll get when you use Radius for account-based marketing.

Learn All About Radius ABM Account Selection

Radius App Color Refresh

Next time you log on to Radius, you may notice our fresh new color palette. It better reflects the design-forward Radius brand and we hope it enhances your user experience!


Google AdWords Integration to be Sunset

We're sunsetting our Google AdWords integration and offering a much richer product to replace it. Radius Advertiser lets you deploy records to one or more of over 500 LiveRamp destinations, and Google AdWords is included.

Radius customers who have purchased the Google AdWords integration can use Radius Advertiser to deploy segments to Google AdWords for the remainder of their current contract at no additional cost and get unlimited deployments of matched records. Additional Radius Advertiser destinations—AdRoll, LinkedIn, Salesforce DMP, and more—are also available for purchase. Upon contract renewal, Radius Advertiser deployments will be subject to a limit of 1 million matched records per month, with the option to purchase more. Please reach out to your Radius Customer Success Manager to learn more about Radius Advertiser.

The sunset date for the current Google AdWords integration is April 30, 2018, after which we'll no longer support the product. If you're interested in learning more about Radius Advertiser, please contact your Radius Customer Success manager or email

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