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Radius / Leadspace FAQ


At Radius, we want to make sure all our customers feel fully informed about the evolution of our company, now joining forces with Leadspace. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please reach out to your Radius CSM or contact

Why did Radius and Leadspace decide to join forces?

Our companies are very complementary.

Radius solutions excel in U.S. account-level intelligence, digital integration and activation, and data integrations. Leadspace offers additional layers of proprietary people- and account-level intelligence on US and global audiences.

We have diverse customer bases—with Radius serving many Fortune 100 companies in financial services and business services and Leadspace counting 7 of the 10 largest technology companies as their customers. Together, we can serve our more than 200 customers more effectively.

This merger also addresses fragmentation in the emerging category of data, analytics, and ad-tech point solutions. We believe that our more comprehensive data intelligence platform will allow customers to partner and grow with a single company, rather than stitching together multiple products.

Finally, the scale of a single, larger company brings faster innovation and greater sustainability so that Radius can continue to serve our customers effectively for the long term.

What are the benefits to customers?

Both Radius and Leadspace believe that a focus on data quality and governance, intelligence on target audiences, and robust channel integrations is necessary for our customers' long-term revenue success. Here are the benefits customers can expect.

Accelerated Revenue Operations With Industry-Leading Data Management

  • Gain more insights into data governance.
  • Enhance matching and appending for contact and account data.
  • Get lead-to-account matching features in one platform.

Higher conversions using artificial intelligence on people and accounts

  • Strengthen targeting on individual decision makers, both in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Get segmentation, scoring, and analytics on contacts and accounts.
  • Leverage sales intelligence tools from both companies.

Largest reach to target buyers across any channel

  • Activate the largest deterministic advertising reach of any B2B platform.
  • Source more contacts with even higher accuracy and contactability rates.
  • Connect more channels with more seamless integrations and partners.

Is anything changing with the current products?

We're not planning to sunset any products or services, and support will continue without interruption. Over the next year, updated data intelligence solutions and services will emerge, and you'll find out all about them right here.

What's on the the product roadmap?

First, we'll be onboarding new data sources into both platforms to increase accuracy, coverage, and reach.

New and existing customers will also see improvements in the ability to integrate and match their data with our third-party sources. As a result, customers will also benefit from improved data intelligence.  

Over the coming year, we'll bring together the best features from each platform to maximize customer value, as well as work toward a unified suite of products and solutions under the Radius brand.

Whom do I contact if I have questions?

Radius customers can contact their customer success manager, call 1-855-723-4870, or email

Leadspace customers can call customer service at 1-855-532-3772 or email

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