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Track Conversion Performance

Measure conversion performance of net-new Radius records or Salesforce campaigns. Gauge conversion velocity with average number of touches and time to convert. Performance metrics are based on the currently selected goal.

After you deploy segments, Radius lets you track conversion performance for:

  • Net-new records sourced from Radius and deployed to one or more MAT or ad platform campaigns, and
  • All records (New, Open, Won, and Lost) deployed to Salesforce campaigns.

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View Performance

View performance for the past year based on the current month, or adjust the range. Check performance for all segments in aggregate, or drill down into individual segments. To start, we show performance for your top segments, but you can select individual segments, as well. 

  1. Start from the Performance tab.
  2. Choose either Net New Records or Salesforce Campaigns
  3. (Optional) Adjust your date range if you need to. 
  4. (Optional) Select one or more specific segments. 
    The chart's trend line shows cumulative conversions and the bars show monthly conversions. Hover over the points and bars to view exact numbers. 
  5. If you want to find out which segments converted the quickest, select a segment and check its average number of touches and time to convert. 
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