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Review and Save Recommended Segments

Review recommended segments you receive and save the ones you want. Segments you don’t save are dismissed, but you do a new recommended search up to 20 times per month, one search at a time.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers who integrate Salesforce or use CRM Uploader.
  • Customers who have the Recommended Market Segments feature.
  • Users with roles that have the Recommended Segments permission enabled. Administrators can give the Recommended Segments permission to any user role.

When recommended segments are ready for review, you’ll find them listed at the top of the Segments dashboard. They’re sorted by predicted lift.

  1. Review the details for each segment, including the number of accounts and contacts it gives you, plus historical success rate and predicted lift.

  2. Select and save the segments you want to keep, then find them on the Segments dashboard. If you need to modify a saved segment, make a copy and edit it.

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