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Best Practices for Recommended Segments


Follow these best practices for success with Radius Recommended Segments

Learn More About Predictive

Need a primer on predictive prospecting? Check out Best Practices for Outbound Marketing and Prospecting.

Segment Smarter

Before doing a recommended search or building a segment yourself, it’s a good idea to understand the Radius signals, what they do, and the logic at work when you select signals. Check out the Radius Signal and Segment Reference.

Apply Past Lessons

Before doing a recommended segment search, take a look at Insights to see where you’ve historically done well, or analyze an existing segment with high predicted lift. Use similar signals or make adjustments.

Explore New Markets

Interested in pursuing a new market for your products or services? Give us some simple business signals---like industry or region---and tell us how you’ll contact your prospects. Radius applies all the signals in The Network of Record to build your segments, so we may be able to recommend segments you that would be more challenging to build yourself.

Copy and Edit to Refine Your Segments

Remember that Radius recommends segments based on Business signals only. If you want to add Contact signals to a recommended segment, make a copy and edit it. For example, add contact Title, Job Function, and Reachability signals. Or add Intent signals to generate segments you can act on quickly. For more information on using intent signals, see Best Practices for Segmenting With Radius Intent Data.

Adjust Before Searching Again

After you save or dismiss recommended segments, adjust your and preferences and signal selections before searching again. Searches that use the same filters or preferences may not find better segments than those you’ve previously added or dismissed.

Deploy Multiple Segments if One Segment Doesn’t Meet Your Minimum

Set a minimum number of records so Radius recommend segments that are targeted but still large enough for your needs. If your minimum is greater than 10% of Radius account records, we may not meet it. We’ll still send the best segments we have. Saving and deploying multiple segments to the same campaign might help meet your minimum.

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