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Considerations for Using Recommended Segments

Keep these considerations in mind when setting up or using Recommended Segments.
  • The predicted lift score that drives segment recommendations is calculated per goal, and any goal you select when you generate recommended segments should have 50 or more Open, 100 or more Won, and 100 or more Lost records in your CRM.

  • For Radius to recommend a segment, the segment must have at least 50 Open records and a minimum predicted lift of 1.1x.

  • When doing a recommended search, you can specify a minimum number of records, but we can’t guarantee that recommended segments will always meet that minimum. If we can’t, we’ll send the best segments we have.

  • Recommended segments you dismiss are gone for good, but you can always generate a new set.

  • You can do a recommended search up to 20 times per month. You’re required to wait until the current search is complete before you start another search.

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