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Recommended Market Segments

Recommended Market Segments
Recommended Market Segments helps you make data-driven decisions about which segments to target based on the predicted likelihood of success. Radius can recommend segments from three key factors: who your prospect businesses are, how you want to reach them, and how likely a segment is to produce successful results for your marketing campaigns, based on your selected goal.

How It Works

You start a recommended search by telling us how you’ll reach out to prospects: by phone or email, if you know. The selection you make filters the records in The Network of Record so that any segment we generate will include only records that meet that requirement. Selecting Radius signals, such as Industry, Region, and Number of Employees, further filters those records. You can also tell us the minimum number of records you want in a segment. When we generate your segments, Radius applies your selections, but we also layer on all the other signals in The Network, so the segments you receive are rich and targeted.

Each time you do a recommended search, we generate up to ten segments, and send you an email when they’re ready. It can take a few hours. Your recommendations are listed on the Segments dashboard, where they’re ranked by predicted lift score. From there, you can save the segments you want for further analysis or modification—or dismiss them and tell us why so we can improve your future recommendations. When you’re ready, deploy your recommended segments to Salesforce, your marketing automation tool, your social ad platform, or a CSV file.

You can perform a recommended segment search up to 20 times per month.

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