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Schedule Deployments

Schedule a recurring deployment of a Radius segment to give your sales and marketing team a steady flow of records from Radius.

Who can use this feature? 

  • Customers with Deploy records permission.
  • By default, Administrator and Normal users can deploy segments.
  • Customers who deploy records to CSV need a special Radius account configuration to get field values for Open, Won, and Lost records. 
  • Customers with Radius Scoring and prioritized lead deployments enabled can deploy prioritized New leads to Salesforce. 

Once you’ve scheduled your recurring deployment plan, we’ll email you after each deployment is finished. You can edit, pause, or delete a recurring deployment plan by going to the Radius segment and find your deployment plan under Upcoming Deployments.

  1. Select a Radius segment, or create a new one.
  2. Click Deploy, and choose where you’ll deploy records.
  3. Follow the flow to deploy records. On the Advanced screen, select Schedule Deployment to create your recurring deployment plan.
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