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Deploy a Market Segment to Salesforce

Deploy net-new Radius records or existing Salesforce records as leads or accounts and contacts directly to a Salesforce campaign.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers with Deploy records permission.
  • By default, Administrator and Normal users can deploy segments.
  • Customers who deploy records to CSV need a special Radius account configuration to get field values for Open, Won, and Lost records. 

Considerations for Deploying to Salesforce

Keep these considerations in mind when deploying records to Salesforce.

  • You can deploy up to 100,000 New record per deployment. But because Radius rebuilds The Network of Record every two weeks to delivery the freshest data, we recommend that you deploy only records you can act on in the near term.
  • Radius deploys a standard set of fields for New records. Radius tags Open, Won, and Lost records in a list or campaign, but does not deploy field values for Open, Won, Lost records.
  • If you want to deploy additional fields for New records—beyond the standard set—you need to use a deployment profile
  • If you want to automatically assign leads you deploy from Radius to owners in Salesforce using your active lead assignment rule, make sure you have an active lead assignment rule set up in Salesforce. If you do opt to assign leads using your lead assignment rule, you still need to select a lead owner. Doing so ensures that the deployment will proceed and leads will still be assigned even if the active lead assignment rule is not found.

Need help with Salesforce? Here's how to set up assignment rules. (Salesforce documentation)

Deploy Records to Salesforce

  1. Before you deploy, make sure your segment is optimized with the right signals for the campaign you're running, so you have the data you need. For example, if you're running an email campaign, your segment should include reachability signals for Contact, Business, or both. The Contact signal is Contact Has Direct Email and the Business signal is Business Has Email.
  2. From Segments, select the audience you want records from.
  3. Click Deploy, and select Salesforce.
  4. Follow the wizard to tell us how many leads or accounts and contacts you want to deploy and specify other deployment preferences. Follow these guidelines. We’ll email you after your deployment is finished.
  • If you're deploying New lead records, you can tune your deployment to balance the number of leads you get from Radius with the predicted lift you want.
  • If you're deploying Open, Won, or Lost records, make sure you assign them to a new or existing Salesforce campaign since they already exist in your Salesforce.
  • If you're adding a lead source, select the Salesforce field you'll assign the lead source value to and add Radius as the lead source value. You can use the standard Salesforce Lead Source field or any custom field you created (for example, Lead Source Vendor). 

Deploy Records to a CSV file to Import Into Salesforce

  1. From Segments, select the audience you want records from.
  2. Click Deploy, and select CSV.
  3. Follow the wizard to select how many leads, or accounts and contacts you want to deploy and specify your other deployment preferences.
  4. Find the CSV file in your email
  5. IMPORTANT: Before you deploy another segment from Radius, import the current CSV file into Salesforce.