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View Historical Success Rate

Historical Success Rate determines how you perform, not how successful your team is at closing business. View your Historical Success Rate to review if it's a realistic expectation.

Review Your Overall Historical Success Rate

A good way check if your goal is realistic is to review the success rate. Use a metric you have knowledge about outside of Radius to see if it aligns with how you've done in the past. For example, if your success rate for the financial industry is over 50% and you know you have never gotten those types of results before, you'll want to review your Won and Lost criteria. You may have defined rules incorrectly. 

  1. Go to the Insights tab. 
  2. View your overall Historical Success Rate at the top of the page. 


Review Historical Success Rate for Your Top Signals

A good way find your ideal customer profile is identifying signals with the highest success rates. Selecting and applying signals changes your overall historical success rate so you can make predictions on how well you may perform.

  1. Go to the Insights tab. 
  2. View your Historical Success Rate for each signal. 


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