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Explore Customer and Prospect Insights

Getting meaningful and actionable insights into your customers, top opportunities, and full market potential is challenging. Radius Insights helps you analyze the businesses in your CRM and understand how your organization has historically performed across multiple signals.

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How It Works

After you integrate your CRM and Radius, we'll show you the total number of new records we have in The Network of RecordTM, the the number of prospects buried in your CRM, how many prospects you've won and lost, and your overall historical success rate.

You can start looking at your full market potential or find top opportunities by selecting contact and firmographic signals, such as Location and Industry. We’ll show your top 10 performers for each signal and their historical success rates. When you select individual signals, your overall historical success rate and number of records recalculates based on your selections.

Explore Insights

Combine contact and business signals to gain insight into your full market potential. If you want to learn more combining signals,check out how signal selection and filtering works.

  1. Click the Insights tab.
  2. (Optional) From the top menu, filter the signals you see according to your market.
  3. View historical success from the current signals.
  4. (Optional) Model a segment by checking boxes next to individual segments. Click Apply to view changes to your historical success for the selected signals. 




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