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Deploy an RCX Program Segment

When your RCX program segment is ready, you can deploy it to Salesforce or a CSV file. Salesforce users can deploy directly to existing campaigns. We’ll send you an email when your deployment is done.
  • Customers who integrate Salesforce with Radius. You need Salesforce Group Edition or higher.
  • Users with RX User permissions can view, create, and edit Radius Customer Exchange.
  1. If you want to deploy directly to a Salesforce campaign, create or verify it in Salesforce.
  2. Open your segment and click Deploy.  

  3. Follow the flow to select the record types you want to deploy: New, Open, Won, or Lost. And select the source: records common to you and your partner or records from your CRM or theirs.

  4. (Optional) Select a Salesforce campaign.

  5. Verify or update lead source and owner information.

  6. Review your deployment summary before you deploy.

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