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Create a Radius Customer Exchange Program Segment

With RCX, program partners can create segments that include each other’s prospects and customers in addition to their own, based on record access as defined in their shared program.

Who can use this feature? 

  • Customers who integrate Salesforce with Radius. You need Salesforce Group Edition or higher.
  • Users with RX User permissions can view, create, and edit Radius Customer Exchange.

When building a segment, you can explore various configurations, based on the record types your partner has made available when setting up the program. Select and clear the checkboxes to identify New, Open, Won, and Lost records from your CRM, your partner’s CRM, or both, according to program settings.

  1. Switch to RCX if you need to. 


  1. Click Programs and open the program you want to segment from and click New Segment.
  2. Select the signals you want to start with and save your segment.
  3. Explore segment options for New, Open, Won, and Lost records in your CRM and your partner’s, based on the record types your partner makes available. Edit your segment if you need to.
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