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Radius Customer Exchange (RCX) adds insight, security, and ease to the co-marketing process. By matching each partner's records to Radius' proprietary business graph, RCX provides partners with instant visibility into mutual customers, new market opportunities and campaign performance without ever directly sharing partners’ customer data.

Using RCX, partners can target net-new businesses as well as those in their own CRM, their partner’s CRM, or both, based on co-marketing objectives and program permissions. Partners can identify the best segments and start executing campaigns within days.

Radius Customer Exchange serves two primary use cases.

Co-Market With Complementary Brands. Leverage each partner's accounts and prospects to instantly identify and engage the best prospects for your partnership. Get a more accurate view of shared customers and prospects and identify new joint marketing opportunities. For example, you and your co-marketing partner want to grow your partnership by targeting qualified businesses that are new to both of you.

Co-Market Within Your Enterprise. Quickly realize value from acquisitions or identify opportunity with other corporate divisions by gaining instant visibility into each other’s accounts and opportunities. Upsell and cross-sell each other’s products and services. For example, your company acquires a smaller competitor. Right away, you can align records in separate CRMs and start marketing to all the new customers you’ve gained.

RCX is secure, fast, and easy. 

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