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Pipeline Generation

Pipeline Generation
Generate more customers and revenue by finding net-new look-alikes from Radius and uncovering promising account and lead records already in your CRM or MAT. Or let us recommend market segments for you based on business attributes that matter most to you.

Quality is one of the top priorities for pipeline generation. It makes sure your dollars don’t go wasted. That's why Radius makes finding the right businesses and people simple and easy with tons of contact and business attributes to choose from.

Here's what you'll do:

  1. Find your market size by using our go-to-market insights. Separate them by industry first — it’s often the most telling.
  2. From you target market, create audiences based on your target customers, message, and channels.
  3. Deploy your audience directly to your CRM, marketing automation tool, and digital ad platform and launch campaigns across multiple channels and track your performance.
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