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Radius lets you build insight- or hypothesis-driven segments or have us recommend your best segments for you.

Segmentation is the art and science of creating groups of prospects or existing customers you want to market your products or services to. Effective segmentation also helps you prioritize your leads and personalize your campaigns. 

In general, there are three groups you market to.

  • Existing customers. These are customers that already have records in your system of record—Salesforce, or your MAT. Radius categorizes these records as Won.
  • Existing Prospects. These are potential customers that already have records in your system of record or MAT. Radius categorizes these records as Open.
  • New Prospects from Radius. These are net-new records from the Radius Network of RecordTM. Radius categorizes these records as New.

How Audience Targeting Works

In Radius, you build segments from signals in Radius' proprietary business graph, which provides an expanded view of the businesses in your CRM, as well as net-new records, so you can identify the businesses your campaigns are converting and focus on prospects that follow those trends. You can also use custom signals for segmentation, and check segment lift scores to analyze and refine your segments based on predicted likelihood of success. 

You can model and build segments from either Insights or Segments. And Radius can recommend the best segments to target based on where you're most likely to achieve success. 

After you build a segment, deploy it to a campaign in your CRM or marketing automation tool.

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