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Once you target an audience in Radius, you can deploy customer and business records from a segment into your sales and marketing tools so sales can reach out to people and marketing can run campaigns.

Within a segment, records are grouped into four categories with distinct purposes.

  • New represents net-new contact and business records from The Network of RecordTM. They are great for top-of-the-funnel marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Won represents existing businesses and contacts that we've matched and defined successful based on your Radius goal. Won is great for upsell or cross-sell opportunities.
  • Lost represents existing businesses and contacts we've matched and defined as rejected or disqualified based on your Radius goal. Lost is great for re-nurturing.
  • Open represents existing businesses and contacts we've matched but didn't meet your Radius goal criteria for successful or disqualified. Open is great for nurturing.

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