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Run a Facebook Ads Campaign

Send records from a Radius segment to a new or existing Facebook Custom Audience so you can run targeted ads on Facebook. Ads can appear in your audience’s Facebook News Feed or within the Home page's right column.

With the Radius Audience Enhancement for Facebook Custom Audiences you can expand the number of contact identifiers we send to custom audiences. Rather than sending the contact information for only the top one or two contacts for the deployed record, Radius sends all the contacts that meet your segment criteria. Customer results vary based on factors such as target industry, but we’ve seen lifts in audience size upwards of 4x when the audience enhancement feature is applied.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers with Deploy records permission.
  • By default, Administrator and Normal users can deploy segments.


Best Practices for Creating Ads for Advertising on Facebook

  • Design your ad campaigns for measurement. For example, target Facebook clicks on pages that contain CTAs that you’re measuring as conversions such as registration pages and email forms.

  • Create meaningful content to engage your prospects. Check out Facebook Ads guide for creative design, based on the overall goal of your campaign, whether it's gaining exposure, driving traffice, guiding prospects to download content, or other objectives.

  • Use standard 2017 Facebook Ad Specs & Image Sizes.

  • Keep your segments separate in order to track performance when running campaigns. For each segment, try A/B testing creative and copy. Facebook can help you identify the highest performing version for each campaign, and you can remove the lower-performing ads. But don’t stop there. Continue to hone, tweak, and revise your highest-performing ads to optimize click-through rate performance.

Best Practices for Building a Segment for Facebook Custom Audiences

  • When building your segment, aim for a set of records roughly five times (5x) your advertising budget. For example, if your Facebook ad budget for a particular campaign is $20,000, then your ideal segment should have 100,000 records. Expand your reach by selecting the Radius Audience Enhancement option.
  • Build segments with strong historical success to deploy net-new records.

Standard Radius Fields Deployed to Facebook Custom Audience

Here is a list of fields we deploy.

  • Business Email
  • Business Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone

Best Practices for Deploying to a Facebook Custom Audience

  • Start by deploying Open records. These are leads you already have in your CRM who may be familiar with your brand through the Clickback campaigns.
  • Check the audience enhancement box before deploying so we can leverage network data to increase match rates with Facebook.
  • Deploy at least 100 records to account for ones that may not match.
  • Import the CSV file to your CRM as soon as we email it to you. This way, you can the track performance of New records.
  • If the size of your custom audience is fewer than 1,000 prospects, consider expanding your custom audience with guidance from Facebook.

Deploy Records to a Facebook Custom Audience

All Facebook Custom Audiences need least 20 people. If you're creating a new custom audience, deploy at least 100 records to account for ones that may not match.

  1. From Segments, select the audience you want records from.
  2. Click Deploy, and select where you'll send those records.
  3. Follow the wizard to select the type and number of records, and an audience.

We’ll email you after your deployment is finished.


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