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Integrations and Add-Ons

Integrations and Add-Ons
Radius integrations and add-ons help you connect tools you already use to our B2B data source, The Network of Record(TM). Our customer relationship management tool (CRM), marketing automation tool (MAT), and digital advertising platforms integrations are secure, easy to set up with little involvement from IT, and won’t require you to change existing workflows so you can increase adoption and add value right away.

And once you’re integrated your CRM, you'll have access to our B2B data in The Network of Record and the predictive intelligence of the Radius Revenue Platform. Identify, address, and automate core data improvements to make sure your team has accurate and quality data they can use to drive revenue. Radius adheres to all industry security controls to ensure your data is safe and secure. See for yourself by reviewing our application and data security standards.

How Connecting Radius Works

If you're an administrator, you're typically responsible responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of data. By integrating Radius and your CRM, we can create models that show your team where you've done well in the past, hot leads already in your CRM, and make predictions to your best new customers. We do this by matching your data with The Network of Record. 

Then, take action across all your channels by integrating your marketing automation tool (MAT) and digital advertising platforms. Plus, install and set up Radius Connect from the Salesforce AppExchange so your team can find businesses and contacts from The Network of Record directly in Salesforce, so you don't disrupt their current workflow.

Getting Started 

Radius goals give you insight into where you've historically had success and predict your best prospects in the future. When you integrate your CRM, you'll set criteria to track and analyze an individual stage in your funnel, a sales opportunity, or campaign objective so your team can leverage the predictive intelligence of Radius.

Understand How Goal Setting Works

Integrate Salesforce CRM

Integrate Other CRM

Integrate More Tools

Take action across all your channels by integrating your marketing automation tool (MAT) and digital advertising platforms.

Integrate Eloqua

Integrate Pardot

Integrate Marketo

Integrate Facebook Ads

Integrate Google AdWords

Integrate Twitter Ads


Get your sales reps access to data in The Network of Record so they can can find businesses and contacts directly in Salesforce.

Install and Set Up Radius Connect