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Salesforce Integration Security

Radius recognizes that the information contained in your Salesforce instance is one of your most critical business assets, and we handle that data accordingly. A Salesforce instance is connected to Radius via 256 AES-256 to encrypt and decrypt your application data while it’s in transit to our secure data center.

Radius uses the OAuth 2.0 Salesforce protocol to authorize and securely access data without revealing username and password credentials. Our application requires Salesforce API access, which is available in Salesforce Enterprise edition and above. If you have the Salesforce Group or Professional edition, please contact us so our Support team can advise you on how Radius may be able to connect to your Salesforce instance.

Radius servers sync with Salesforce every 30 minutes to identify and analyze new records or changes to existing records. Throughout the process, Radius maintains a refresh token that ensures a healthy connection to your Salesforce instance.

Once the connection is made, a Radius user can map Salesforce fields to Radius. Radius analyzes data from these types of Salesforce records.

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Campaigns
  • Activities (Tasks)

Radius meets rigorous industry standards and policies. We are in full compliance with’s partner security standards, including regular reviews.

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