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Troubleshoot Radius Connect

Can't add or update records using Radius Connect? Contacts associated with the wrong account? Here's our troubleshooting guide for Salesforce admins and Connect users.

Older Version of Radius Connect

Make sure you've downloaded and installed Radius Connect version 3.1 to get all functionality. To determine which version you're using, from Salesforce Setup, search for Installed Packages. On that Salesforce page, in the Installed Packages list, look for Radius and check the version. 

Incorrect Field Mappings

Connect relies on Radius / Salesforce field mappings to understand which Salesforce fields to put Radius data into. For example, for a contact, data from the Radius Email field will fill or update the Salesforce contact record's Email field. Your company's Salesforce administrator should verify that Radius / Salesforce field mappings are correct and that any custom Salesforce fields mapped to Radius fields use the correct data type. Check out the Radius-Salesforce Field Mapping Reference for everything you need to know.

Insufficient Access to Objects or Fields

So they can view Radius data in Salesforce, and add contact and lead records, every Radius Connect user needs at least Read, Create, and Update permissions for the Salesforce objects where Connect is used. For example, if you set up Connect to be used on Contact page layouts and your sales reps want to add contacts or leads to Salesforce, make sure they have Read, Create, and Update permissions for the Contact and Lead objects.

Connect users also need field-level access in Salesforce for all fields on the objects where they'll use Radius Connect. Field-level access comes by default with object permissions, but it's possible to adjust access. If your administrator has customized access for Contact or Lead object fields, they should review those customizations to make sure Connect users can access the fields required by Connect

Every Salesforce instance is different, and your company's Salesforce admin knows your instance best. Contact them to make sure you have the object and field access you need. For a list of related Salesforce help resources, see Prepare Salesforce for Radius Connect.

Contact Added From the Wrong Company

In Connect, if you want to add a contact for a company, make sure you start from either that company's account record or the record of a contact at that company. If you click Change Business in Connect to find a different company to add its contacts, but that company doesn't yet have an account record in Salesforce, any contact you add will be associated with the Salesforce account record that's currently open and not the company you searched for in Connect. 


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