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Radius Connect
Using Radius Connect, our sales prospecting feature for Salesforce, your sales reps can view, search, and filter business and contact data right from CRM records, and add leads and contacts directly to Salesforce. If you've purchased this add-on from Radius, learn how it works and then set it up. When you're done, enable your sales team.

How it Works

After you've integrated Salesforce and Radius, you can install Radius Connect from the Salesforce AppExchange. Then you'll get Salesforce in shape: customize Salesforce object page layouts, make sure your users have the right permissions, and enable Connect duplicate checking. Then, from Radius, customize the Connect cards that will appear on your Salesforce records. Add users if you need to, and you're good to go. 

As you set up Connect and Salesforce, it's important to remember that every Salesforce instance is different. For example, some organizations use Salesforce Classic and some use Lightning. Some use standard or custom profiles to manage user access to objects, records, and fields. Others use permission sets. Salesforce maintains detailed documentation explaining why and how to set things up, and it's up to your company's Salesforce administrator to configure Salesforce to work with Radius Connect. Luckily, it's pretty easy, and we've outlined everything you need to do, along with some pointers to the Salesforce help. 

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