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Prepare Pardot

Prepare your Pardot so that your integration to Radius runs smoothly.

Get Pardot API V4

Radius requires Pardot API v4 in order to sync. If you're using Pardot API v3, learn how to transition to API v4. (Pardot documentation) 

Create a Radius Sync User 

We recommend you create a dedicated user with the following permissions for your Radius sync.This way, you'll be able manage the level of access you give Radius and to distinguish the changes made by Radius versus other Pardot users. 

Here are the required permissions.

  • Administrator
  • Marketing role

Need help with Pardot? Here's some information on Pardot user roles and how to add a new user. (Pardot documentation)

Get Pardot API User Key

You'll need your Pardot API user key to connect Radius and Pardot. Find and record them, so you can enter them in Radius. Here's how to find your API User Key in Pardot. (BuiltWith documentation)

Optional Pardot Configuration

If you're setting up Radius Scoring to prioritize your leads, add Radius Scoring fields to Pardot now.

What's Next?

Once you're finished, you can start your Pardot integration using the Radius app.

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