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Pardot Integration

Pardot Integration
We'll walk you through the basics of your Pardot integration so everything is set up correctly. Plus, we'll show you how to layer on our data intelligence.

Connect Radius and Pardot to get new prospects from Radius and uncover insight into promising prospects already in your Pardot. Plus, prioritize the leads your team should reach out to first by setting up Radius Scoring.

How It Works

Our Pardot integration matches your Pardot MAT to The Network of RecordTM and finds patterns in your most successful and unsuccessful customers by consuming and analyzing Prospect, List, and Activity (Task) data. During setup, you decide the level of information you give us access with the user profile you connect for the Radius sync. 

  • Our data matching engine compares names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and tons of other attributes to find similarities between your Pardot MAT and The Network of RecordTM.
  • Our goal modeling engine analyzes your Pardot to identify patterns in your most successful and unsuccessful customers.
  • Our Pardot integration syncs every 30 minutes to match and analyze new records or changes to existing records.


We make sure your data is safe and secure by adhering to all industry security controls. See for yourself by reviewing our application and data security standards.

  • We use REST APIs to authorize and securely access data without revealing username and password credentials.
  • We encrypt and decrypt your data with AES-256 while in transit to our secure data center.
  • We maintain a refresh token to make sure you Pardot instance stays connected.

Helpful Resources

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