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Integrate Facebook Ads

Connect Radius and your Facebook Business account so you can send records directly a new or existing Facebook Custom Audience and deliver targeted ads.

Who can use this feature? 

  • Customers who integrate Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher or use CRM Uploader. 
  • By default, Administrators can add or edit integrations.
  • Customers who integrate an ad platform with Radius. If you need to integrate an ad platform, please contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email

Radius uses the OAuth protocol to authorize and securely access a single user’s Facebook account. The user will need to log in to Facebook with the Facebook credentials for an ad account that can be used to create and edit custom audiences. OAuth authentication expires every few months, but we’ll remind you when to renew your login credentials so you stay connected.

Before You Start

Here's what you'll need.

Connect Facebook Ads

  1. Go to the main menu, then select Integrations.
  2. Under Available Integrations, find Facebook and click Connect.
  3. Log in to Facebook with your Facebook Ad Account credentials. This is the account you’ll use to create and edit custom audiences. 
  4. Review the Facebook Integration Overview page. If you have multiple Facebook ad accounts, you can select a default ad account.
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