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CRM Uploader CSV File Format

Learn the CSV file format Radius requires if you use a CRM Radius doesn't integrate with. You need to create and format a comma-separated value (CSV) file to upload your records to Radius.

CSV File Format

Column Header



Record ID   Yes

Radius uses the Status column for goal setting. 

Won - The record meets your organization’s criteria for success. For example, a lead record that was converted from MQL to SQL during the sales cycle. 

Lost - The record does not meet your organization’s criteria for success. For example: a lead record that was disqualified during the sales cycle. 

After your records are uploaded to Radius, you’ll define Won and Lost criteria in a goal.

Business Name    
Account Name    
Street Address    

ZIP Code




NAICS Code or SIC Code


Contact First Name

Separating first name from last name in your spreadsheet provides a higher match rate for your records. 


Contact Last Name




Website URL

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