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Send Prospects to Salesforce

Once you target an audience in Radius, you can deploy customer and business records from a segment into your Salesforce so Sales can reach out to people and Marketing can run campaigns.
  • New are net-new prospects from The Network of RecordTM.
  • Open are hot prospects buried in your CRM.
  • Won are accounts, contacts, and leads in your CRM that met your Radius goal.
  • Lost are accounts, contacts, and leads in your CRM that didn't meet your Radius goal.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers with Deploy records permission.
  • By default, Administrator and Normal users can deploy segments.


Best Practices for Deploying Records

We recommend deploying only records you'll use during a two-week time period, since The Network of Record is refreshed every two weeks.

  • For new look-alike prospects, deploy New records to Salesforce.
  • To uncover hot accounts, contacts, and leads buried in your CRM, deploy Open records to Salesforce.

Deploy Records

You can deploy up to 100,000 New records for each deployment. There is no limit for Open, Won, and Lost records.

  1. From Segments, select the audience you want records from.
  2. Click Deploy, and select where you'll send those records.
  3. Follow the wizard to select the type and number of records. You'll need to assign any Open, Won, or Lost records to a campaign, list, and owner.

We’ll email you after your deployment is finished.

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