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Set Up Radius Revenue Platform

Integrate your sales and marketing tools and add your team to Radius. This way, you'll clear visibility into your data quality, connect your team to millions of quality businesses and contacts, get insight into your best customers.

Take the time to complete all the steps in your Radius setup to save from having to fix things later.

Prepare for Radius Revenue Platform

  1. Get your team "Radius ready"
  2. Prepare Salesforce or create a csv file with your CRM records
  3. Prepare Oracle EloquaPrepare Marketo, or Prepare Pardot (optional)
  4. Collect emails and names of your teammates

Connect Your Tools and Team

Outreach marketing and sales depend on quality data. Connect your tools to Radius, improve your data quality, and access millions of new companies, businesses, and contacts from The Network of RecordTM. If you're setting up the Radius Revenue Platform for your organization, you'll need the Administrator user role

  1. Integrate Salesforce CRM or upload your CRM records to Radius
  2. Integrate MarketoIntegrate Pardot, or Integrate Marketo (optional)
  3. Add your team

Improve Your Data Quality

Identify, address, and automate core data improvements so your team has accurate and quality data to drive revenue.

  • Reconcile Unmatched Records. Improve the number of your records that match to Radius so you have more information to work with.
  • Set Up Data Append. Fills data gaps by appending information from The Network of Record™ to your Salesforce accounts, contacts, and leads.

Prioritize Leads and Accounts

Set up Radius to assign scores and grades to leads, accounts, and prospects.

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