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Getting Started With Digital Advertising

Getting Started With Digital Advertising
B2B advertising is a complex, multi-touch affair. That's why understanding the types of advertising campaigns available comes into play. Here are the areas we recommend you focus on to effectively advertise your products or services.

Awareness. The goal of these campaigns is to generate interest. Awareness campaigns are great place to use lookalike audiences you build in Radius using insights. The audiences you target within awareness campaigns should be broad.

Consideration. The goal of these campaigns is to drive traffic and generate leads. These are the best bang for your buck for B2B advertising campaigns, especially if you send prospects to your website or collect prospect information directly from the digital channel. If you're using consideration campaigns, make sure you're matching your products and services to specific firmographic profiles. 

Conversions. The goal of these campaigns is to close. And for good reason, they tend to be expensive. We recommend you send prospects to targeted landing pages since every click costs you. If you sell software, conversion campaigns are great for funneling prospects to product trials or demo signups.

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