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Getting Started With Account-Based Marketing

Getting Started With Account-Based Marketing
Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful strategy that helps you identify, target, and nurture your largest, most complex, most important enterprise accounts—and drive home big deals that can keep delivering for years.

ABM is a complex undertaking that involves close coordination and alignment across your entire organization, particularly Marketing and Sales. Most ABM thought-leaders agree on six basic steps for executing a successful ABM initiative. 

Account selection. Get Marketing and Sales together to select their target ABM accounts among prospects and existing customers.

Data enrichment. Make sure all account data is up to date in your CRM and MAT systems, and add specific contacts based on your buyer personas. 

Research. Assign accounts to business development reps to research business goals, pain points, and the like. Have them identify key decision-makers, influencers, and others with buy-in and learn as much as they can about their roles, goals, and interests.

Content development. Depending on several factors, including the level of personalization you need and the channels you're using, create content that resonates with your target accounts, focused on their business objectives.

Outreach and interaction. Design and deliver interactions, experiences, and rewards for the key contacts at your target accounts. Align Sales and Marketing to deliver the right touch at the right time on the buyer's journey.

Success measurement. Design and develop metrics that are specific to ABM. Focus on quality, not quantity. 

How It Works

The Radius Revenue Platform is an integral part of your ABM initiative. With Radius Data Stewardship, analyze and eliminate duplicates and refresh stale data. With Data Append, fill in blank account, contact, and lead fields with firmographic and contact data from The Network of RecordTM.

Our ABM solution delivers account selection, segmentation, and deployment. Start small by searching for companies by name, or go big and build a company list based on your ICP using the firmographic, technographic, and intent signals that best represent your target enterprise customers. While you're at it, source key decision-maker contacts. When you're done, deploy the entire list or a segmented subset of account and contact records to Salesforce or a CSV file. Then develop and deliver your ABM content and experiences and watch great results roll in.

Considerations for Account-Based Marketing With Radius

The Radius ABM solution currently allows deployments to Salesforce and CSV only.

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