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Get Net New Leads With Radius Prospector

Sales managers and sales ops professionals who use Radius Prospector can build market segments in Radius and deploy net-new leads to Salesforce. Here's how to get started with segment building and deployment. Reference resources included here will help you become an expert.

Who can use this feature?

  • Customers who purchase Radius Prospector. Contact your Radius Customer Success Manager or email

Build a Market Segment

Build a market segment to generate a list of new leads that meet the characteristics you want based on your Radius goal. As you're building your segment, it's important to check the Selected Signals panel so you can make sure you're getting the signals and combinations of signals you want. 

When you're finished, you can deploy the New leads from your segment to a campaign in Salesforce.

  1. Start from the Segments dashboard, then click New Segment.

  2. Name your segment, then select select a contact method if you want to. 

  3. On the segment builder, view all signals or filter by SMB, Mid-Market, or Enterprise. Select each signal you want and click Add. Radius previews your segment by listing selected signals and updating historical success rate and record counts for New, Open, Won, and Lost. Counts for New records are most important, because you can deploy those records to Salesforce.

  4. Review and save your segment, and then find it on the Segments dashboard.

Deploy Your Market Segment 

Deploy your segment to Salesforce

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