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Radius Advertiser
Through an exclusive partnership with LiveRamp and powered by The Network of Recordᵀᴹ, Radius Advertiser lets marketers reach business buyers on multiple digital channels, ad networks, and more, to achieve B2B digital targeting and reach on a B2C scale. Build market segments in Radius to target with precision, then deploy records to one or more of over 500 LiveRamp destinations.

Based on your Radius Advertiser purchase, you can integrate Salesforce with Radius, or not. If you don't integrate Salesforce with Radius, you can deploy New records from Radius to your destinations. If you do integrate, you can also deploy Open, Won, and Lost records from Salesforce to your destinations.  

How it Works

RadiusAdvertiserMarqueeScreen.pngA Radius Customer Success manager (CSM) will onboard you to Radius Advertiser. If you're integrating Salesforce, we'll help you with that, and work with you to create a Radius goal that reflects your marketing objectives and helps Radius provide predictive modeling. The CSM will work with you to set up the contracted LiveRamp destinations and transmit a small test segment to verify that everything's working as expected. Depending on your selected destinations, there may be a few other setup and enablement requirements you need to handle on your end. If so, we'll let you know so you can start the process early and be ready to deploy your segments and run your campaigns as soon as possible.

After setup is complete, you'll build market segments in Radius and deploy them to one or more of your enabled destinations. When you deploy, choose to send New records from Radius or, if available, Open, Won, or Lost records in your Salesforce. Radius will enhance your segment with additional signals to improve your contact match rate, and then LiveRamp will match Radius your segment's contacts to their records. From there, Radius sends your segment to the selected destinations. 

Different destinations offer ad delivery to different devices, based on either device type, such as Android mobile devices; or data, such as personally identifiable information (PII). For example, Adobe Audience Manager can display ads on Android mobile devices, iOS mobile devices, and desktop browsers.

When your deployment file reaches the destination, you can find it there and execute your campaign on any supported device. Depending on the destination, the time from Radius deployment to destination delivery can take up to 10 days, but in most cases, it's 5 to 6 days. These and other considerations setting up and deploying to destinations are listed in the Radius Advertiser Destination and Delivery Reference

Get Started

Follow these steps if you integrate Salesforce with Radius.

Without Salesforce Integration

Here's what to do if you don't integrate Salesforce.

Decide Which Radius Advertiser Destinations You Want to Use

Train Your Users on Radius Advertiser

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