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Find Business Contacts from Salesforce Records

Radius Connect helps you find new business contacts right from your Salesforce CRM records: accounts, contacts, leads, or opportunities.

When you first view Radius Connect on a CRM record, you'll see business information for that record. For example, if the record is an account, we'll show you information for that account. If the record is a contact, lead, or opportunity, you'll see information for its associated business. Your administrator selects which Radius fields you see, but typical business data includes address, business phone, industry, year founded, number of employees, and annual revenue. If you're using Salesforce Classic, find Connect on record pages. If you're using Salesforce Lightning, open a record and click the Details tab. On Salesforce1, find Connect on the Related tab.  

Contact search is versatile. For the displayed business, you can search for contacts by name or keyword, and search and filter by title or job function.

  1. From the Contact card, click the search icon.

  2. Enter a person's name or a keyword and select any filters or contact options you want, then apply. It's best to start broad and see what kind of results you get before applying filters. 

  3. Click the name of any contact you want to connect with and get their details: email, phone, or LinkedIn URL. 

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