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Getting Started

Getting Started
Joining Radius for the first time or want a refresher on how everything works? Start here to to get set up with Radius and other integrations or add-ons you're using, and get your team on board.

Once you’ve finished with setup and integrations, we'll apply our models to analyze your data so you can start identifying your TAM, building target audiences, doing sales prospecting, and deploying records to campaigns. Radius is a powerful data intelligence engine, so to get its maximum benefit, it's important to understand how it works and what it delivers. Start here.   


Radius and add-ons can be set up in different ways, depending on what you purchase and your organizational needs. We're here to help make sure you onboard correctly. Depending on the volume of data you have, the quality of that data, and if you need help from our support team, setup may be quick. Take the time to complete all the steps in your Radius setup to save from having to fix things later.

Onboard your company to Radius

Set up Radius Revenue Platform

Set up Radius Prospector

Set up Radius Connect

Using Radius 

When you've finished setup, start using Radius for demand generation, sales prospecting, and account-based marketing.

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