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Data Stewardship

Data Stewardship
Identify, address, and automate core data improvements so your team has accurate and quality data to drive revenue. From matching analysis to filling missing firmographic, technographic, and contact data in your Salesforce, we're here to help you be a data steward.

Data stewardship looks at data in your systems of record and The Network of RecordTM to identify and address core data improvements so your team has rich and accurate data to work with. And since you're connected to The Network of Record, you know it's backed by accurate B2B data that’s updated every two weeks and validated by a network of people so you have the breadth and reach your organization needs.

Data Stewardship Services

Your decisions are only as good as your underlying historical data. For people struggling with their CRM data quality, we recommend using the data stewardship services offered by our team of data engineers before getting started with the Radius application. Updates are based on your needs, and delivered within days, not months. For the best actionable insights and audience reach, have our team enhance and optimize your CRM.

Here are the data stewardship services our team offers. Contact us to purchase these services and get started.

  • CRM Health. CRM Health bundles Matching Analysis, Duplicate Analysis, and Data Append into a single solution to make sure your CRM and MAT contain current and comprehensive data. CRM Health prepares you to take full advantage of predictive solutions like Radius, and makes them even more intelligent and powerful. 
  • Matching Analysis. Using The Network of Record for validation, Matching Analysis identifies CRM and MAT records that do not match and determines why not. Matching Analysis also identifies CRM and MAT records that match to businesses we list as closed. Apply the analysis to understand your current data quality and how to improve it. 
  • Duplicate Analysis. Duplicate Analysis identifies duplicates among your CRM and MAT records that match to Radius' business graph. From any set of duplicates, it also recommends a single record that should serve as the master. Merge or delete duplicates and move forward with cleaner data, so you can increase CRM adoption, create more efficient campaigns, and get more accurate analytics.
  • Data Refresh. For records previously deployed from Radius, Data Refresh updates existing data based on signals from Radius' business graph, which is updated every two weeks. All business data is dynamic, especially for small and medium businesses. Having fresh data in your CRM and MAT helps make sure your marketing efforts are accurate and effective. 
  • Data Append. Every organization wants rich and robust data in their CRM and MAT. Data Append leverages Radius' business graph to fill in data gaps, providing new insights about your prospects and more channels to target them. Having comprehensive data helps you find the right contacts, open more marketing channels, and retarget existing prospects more effectively. 
  • Custom TAM Analysis It’s challenging to understand your Total Addressable Market based on CRM and MAT data alone. Custom TAM Analysis compares your CRM and MAT data with Radius' business graph to generate a breakdown of net-new prospects as well as existing prospects worth retargeting—typically by region or location. Use Custom TAM Analysis to inform strategic business decisions and plan campaigns.
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